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What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the Purpose of Life? - Muslim's MySpace Blog

Why did God create mankind?

People everywhere are asking the questions; "What is the purpose of life?" and "Why are we here?" You might be amazed to learn, that Islam is providing clear and concise answers for these questions.

To a Muslim the whole purpose of life is to worship Allah, the One True Almighty God on His Terms and under His Conditions.

"{Remember] when your Lord extracted from the loins of Adam's children and their descendants and made them testify [saying] : 'Am I not your Lord?' They said: 'Yes, we testify to it.' [This was] in case you say on the Day of Judgment: 'We were unaware of this.' Or you say: 'It was our ancestors who worshipped others besides God and we are only their descendents. Will you then destroy us for what those liars did?' " The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 7, Verses 172-3

The Prophet (pbuh) explained that when Allah created Adam, He took from him a covenant at a place called Na'maan on the 9th day of the 12th month. He then extracted from Adam all of his descendants who would be born until the end of the world, generation after generation, and spread them out before Him to take a covenant from them also. He spoke to them, face to face, making them bear witness that He was their Lord. Consequently, every human being is responsible for belief in God, which is imprinted on each and every soul.

It is based on this inborn belief that Allah defined the purpose of humankind's creation:

"I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship" The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 51, Verse 56

The term “worship” to a Muslim includes any and all acts of obedience to Almighty Allah. So his purpose of life is a standing purpose; worshiping Allah by accepting Allah’s Will over his own.

This act of `ibadah (worshiping, thanking and extolling the Greatness of Almighty Allah on His Terms and Conditions) is for the Muslim, something throughout his whole life regardless of the stage. Whether he is a child, adolescent, adult or aged person, he is seeking after the Will of the Almighty in all these stages.

His life here on earth although short, is full of purpose and is totally meaningful within the complete framework of total submission (Islam).

Similarly, in the Next Life, his faith, intentions, attitudes and good deeds will all be weighed into his account as favorable putting him in high esteem with his Creator and Sustainer.

Because Islam teaches that this life is only a test for the individual to show him his true nature, it is only natural that he will accept death as a beginning of the final and lasting life in the Hereafter rather than just an end.

Before entering into either of the final lodging places i.e.; Heaven or Hell, there must be a Day of Judgment or showing of one's true self to and thereby understand the implications of one’s life on the earth.

Every person will be rewarded (or punished) according to their attitude, appreciation and efforts during this stay on earth. No one will be asked about the actions and beliefs of others, nor will anyone be asked about what he was unaware of or incapable of doing.

As the life here is considered as an examination or test for the individual, the death stage is considered as a resting period after the test. It could be easy for those who were faithful and dedicated or it could be grueling and horrible for the wicked.

Reward and punishment will be in direct proportion to each person and it is only Allah alone who will be the Final Judge over us all.

The line of life and its purpose is logical, clear and simple:

1- The first life is a test.

2- The life in the grave is a resting or waiting place before the Day of Judgment.

3- The Day of Judgment brings about the clear understanding of what will happen to the individual based on his own desires and actions.

4- The Permanent or Afterlife will either be spent in luxurious splendor or miserable punishment.

Following this clear understanding of life, the Muslim’s purpose is clear. First of all, he has no doubt in his mind that:

- He is only created by Allah.

- He is going to spend a period of time in this material world.

- He knows he will die.

- He knows he will spend time in the grave, either pleasant or difficult, depending on his own choice of attitude and actions.

- He knows he will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment.

- He knows he will be judged according to the most fair of standards by Allah the Almighty.

- He knows his attitudes and actions are going to come under very close scrutiny.

- He knows that this short life compared to the Eternal Life in fact, only for a test.

This life is very meaningful and purposeful to the Muslim, as he realizes that it will determine his outcome and permanent position in the Next Life.


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